Sunday, May 25, 2014

S'more Sundae With Nuts - Tera Shanley

May 25th, 2014

So, what's this one all about? Well I'll tell you! We have to list four truths about ourselves. The fifth "fact", we will make up, and you, the guests, have to guess which one is untrue.

So without further ado....

S'more Sundae With Nuts - Tera Shanley

Layering the truth like chocolate, marshmallows and grahams

1. I sang with Garth Brooks.

2.I’m a deadeye with a rifle, or more specifically a 30.06 or a .270 I’ve nicknamed Camoline.

3. I started playing guitar to impress a boy, ended up loving it, and song writing became the beginning of my writing career.

4. I sat on a toothpick when I was 16, and the tip of it took almost 11 months to travel through my leg, and come out of my knee.

5. I dated two brothers, both of whom I held long term relationships with.

* * * *
Hoowee Miss Tera! Short and sweet and all kinds of stuff squeezed in between (those lines). Sometimes it only takes one string of words for our imaginations to start gunning. 
#1 If you did, girlfriend, you could be the next Monica from Friends. Remember her in the Bruce Springsteen video when he pulled her up on stage? Did you do a duet? Was it at a concert? See, my own shimmies fill in the details.
#2 My hubby would be impressed! He's all into guns, while I've only shot a pee-shooter once in my life. Target, a floating beer can in the river. Um, shouldn't I have started on something easier?
#3 Aw, the things we do for young love. I play guitar too! But I haven't now for two years - I gave my beauty to our 16-year-old babysitter when we left Australia because I knew it would mean more in her life than it did in mine. But that guitar has been bagged and dragged all over the world. A bit sad to let it go...but it was time to pass the torch to another youngin' with big dreams. Plus, I can't sing worth a shit.
#4 Now, Miss Tera, how was that toothpick standin' up on end for you to sit on it that way? I reckon there must have been a boy with a super crush on you trying to get your attention. Of course, that backfired miserably for him. LOL
#5 Aw jaysus, Miss Tera, I knew you were a family gal, but didn't peg you for a brother-lubber (But hey, there are lots of romances out there with brothers, maybe it is a secret fantasy of ours?)

SO...go on— guess!!! Which one do you think Miss Tera is blowin' out of her (beep).

Wow, I should cut back on the wine.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. Miss Tera Shanley's latest release, An Unwilling Husband, is getting rave reviews. Historical + western = one of my favorites! Sexy cowboy for dessert anyone? 


  1. Ooh, this is hard. I'm going with #4 as the untruth. From bum to knee? How is that possible?

    1. I know! It sounds dastardly - yuck! But jeez, ya never know - I've heard of stranger phenomena LOL

  2. I'm pretty sure no one could make up #4 because I'm thinking it didn't hit your bum, but maybe back of thigh. I'm going to go with #1. I think you might have sung ALONG with Garth, but maybe not WITH him. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

    1. Not only that, but if she DID sing with Garth, which song was it? And did he have his hockey hair then (or STLB - short top long in back) or had he gone short by then? Miss Tera, fill us in!

  3. I think #1 sounds too short and sweet. If Tera had sung with Garth Brooks, she'd have managed to give us more than five words on that. LOL.

    I think I need to be a S'more, Cd. I could come up with some tales no one would have a chance of guessing what was true or not.

    1. You are sooo welcome as a S'more Joanne! Sent you an email, and will expect you live and center very soon!

  4. Heeh, I'm having so much fun seeing who guesses what! Thanks for having me, CD. This is a blasty blast :D

    1. Okay Miss Tera, are you going to let us in on the secret?? We are all ready!

  5. Alright, ladies!! All awesome guesses but #4 is the fib (although it happened to my mom! someone stuck a toothpick into the cushion of her chair in highschool and when she sat down, it went through the back of her leg, and eventually came out the front. crazy huh?!)

    1. So, when I was 11, I was invited to be alto in an all city choir that I'd auditioned for. We sang at lots of events and practiced all the time, and Garth Brooks invited us to sing "We Shall Be Free" at three of his concerts. We dressed in gold robes and learned the dance and sang with him - gave him that big choir sound he was looking for for the song. It was so cool. Got to practice with him in concert rehearsals and everything. So, I spent three days one summer at a giant concert venue practicing and singing with Garth Brooks :)

    2. Rifles are my jam and I rarely miss. I learned on my dad's 30.06 and for Christmas one year, he gifted me my .270 and I've been using my baby ever since :) I usually get weapons as gifts for holidays, haha.

    3. I got my first guitar (I named him Warren after a character from Empire Records) when I was 18 because the boy I was crushing on was an AMAZING guitar player. My first was an electric, though now I play acoustic, and I loved it so much I started song writing, which led to short stories, novellas, then to novels. I still have my first guitar, and I married the boy I was crushing on. We've spent a loooot of time playing, singing, and writing songs together :)

    5. I'm still friends with the 2 brothers I dated, haha. I dated the younger one first, and years later, his older brother. I remain friends with most of my exes. In fact, three of them came to my wedding and used to have poker nights with my husband. Weird? Probably for most, but it works for me!

    Thanks to everyone who commented!