Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sundae With Nuts - P.H. Turner

June 29th, 2014

Welcome to another saucy episode of SUNDAE WITH NUTS where I have asked my fellow authors to join me for the day for a bit of fun and a laugh. We are romance writers after all!

Without further ado, I am most pleased to introduce the lovely and talented (and very brave!) P.H. Turner!

Sundae with the Nut P.H. Turner

1.Favorite knickers: cotton, lace, silk or errr…leather? 
Leather makes you sweat too much to keep you mind on the prize. So silky lace it is!

2.Who is your fantasy male or female? Or both? 
Male, all hard, hunky male.

3.What language, when heard spoken, makes you frisky? (like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish called Wanda) 
Ah, French!

4.What vehicle, abode, beach, construction site or other locale did you lose your virginity. 
Beach. So romantic, except for all that fine, gritty sand.

5.Do you believe in love at first sight? 

6.If you could play a board game during sex, what would it be?  
Board game? Nah, strip poker.

7.Most romantic or sexiest destination out there.  
Sunrise or sunset  on any beach in the world.

8.Who was your first crush or kiss? 
That cute boy who sat beside me in first grade. Does this mean I started too young?

9.If you become a best-selling author and sell your movie rights, what will be the first thing you do when you hear? Other than contact Cd Brennan and offer to share with her, of course. 
Thank my editor and then book a cruise to Fuji!

10.I wanted to be a helicopter pilot and a cowgirl when I grew up (still do). What did you want to grow up to be when you were a little girl? 
A cattle rancher until a calf chased me into a garage on the ranch and I stood on top of the car worrying it could get between the car and the garage wall and eat me.

And last but now least.

11. Favorite ice cream flavor. 
Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

* * * *

It's lovely to have P.H. Turner as my Nut this week. Girl, you are the first one to admit that French is sexy. And it is. I've been to Paris three times, and even though the taxi driver stiffed me by driving in circles, and the waiter most likely didn't give me what I ordered (how would I know?) the language is still divine. And outside of Paris? The French are amazing. I have loads of time for them. I had two great French mates when I lived in Ireland.

Another believer of love at first sight. I honestly don't get it. How can I be one of few that doesn't believe? Am I not romantic enough for the romance genre?

You, my nutty friend, are elevated in rank already amongst the Nuts. Because you would thank your editor if your book went to movie, and I know those gals work bloody hard to make those books shine. They are your confidants, your sounding boards, your literary bartenders, your gurus of the English language. Be kind to them, trust them, and give a shout out on Editor Appreciation Day. Because I know for a fact that most of them do it for the love of the job. Not for the three figure salary they make (pfft, as if!)

Miss P.H. I loved that you wanted to be a cattle rancher, and you know what, I adore that this dream made its way into your debut release with Lyrical, WINTERKILL. Thankfully there are no human-eating cattle in this book. Only a great who-dunnit with plenty of sexy ranchers and a gutsy heroine.



  1. P.H., I am so with you on all of the beachy stuff and enjoyed your answer to #2 LOL. #10 sounds like it might have been a wee bit on the traumatic side for you. Glad the calf didn't eat you and you got to hang around and write Winterkill. Congrats on your debut release!

    1. I've read Winterkill and it's a great rural romance. The real heroes are the buffalo instead of the cattle (she obviously still holds a grudge) LOL

    2. Buffalo are so much more romantic, as well as lean and tasty for supper.

  2. I think the calf eating thing might be a problem for a rancher

    1. Yeah, it's the same as I wanted to be a helicopter pilot but have a fear of heights! All the dreams that never see the light of day :-)

  3. I love a French accent. Or Italian, maybe Spanish. Hey - they're called romance languages for a reason, right. P.H, it's delightful to get to know you. Congratulations on your release. I love the cover. Cd, literary bartender? I've never heard that phrase, but I like it. I wonder if editors can toss bottles around in the air as well as they juggle words?

    1. I'd say that most of them would give it a go! But also, they are willing to listen, at least the good ones are :-)

  4. A calf can be quite scary when they're chasing you. (Speaking from experience.) But a bull is far more scarier. (Still speaking from experience.) Lovely cover.

    1. Agreed! One time I was a dork and wore a red sweater into a paddock with a bull. Ignorance at its most blatent!

    2. Luckily she was lonely, bawling gal calf.

  5. Beach romance and sand in special places. Why does it look so stress free in the movies? Fun interview!

    1. I know it! It's all sexy and hot in the movies and music videos, but in reality? Sand everywhere! Including special places LOL