Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sundae With Nuts: Vic & Xavier

July 27th, 2014

Welcome to another saucy episode of SUNDAE WITH NUTS where I have asked my fellow authors to join me for the day for a bit of fun and a laugh. We are romance writers after all!

Without further ado, I am most pleased to introduce the nutty characters from The Troublesome Apprentice!

Sundae with the Nuts Vic & Xavier
Today, Liza O’Connor is sending over two characters from her upcoming book, The Troublesome Apprentice. It’s a humorous Late Victorian Mystery series, and we have two guys: Xavier Thorn, the greatest sleuth in England and his Troublesome Apprentice, Victor Hamilton.
CD: Now in order to keep this interview moving, you will take turns answering questions, one answer per question. Got it? Let’s begin.

1.Favorite knickers: cotton, lace, silk or errr…leather?
Vic: I prefer cotton for myself, but I must say there is nothing finer than seeing Xavier in his silk sleeping pants.

2.You’re up next, Xavier. Who is your fantasy male or female? Or both?
Xavier: My entire fantasy would be Vic. First, I thought Vic was a male, then I discovered she was a young woman who dresses like a man in order to have an interesting life, but either way, her brilliant mind, pleasing looks, and sassy attitude brought my dead cold heart back to life.

3.What language, when heard spoken, makes you frisky?
Vic: I love it when Xavier calls me ‘his pup’ in his sexy low British voice. I must admit, I didn’t like it at first, I thought he was belittling me, but once he explained himself, I realized it was a term of affection.

4.What vehicle, abode, beach, construction site or other locale did you lose your virginity.
Xavier: That event is unworthy to share. However, Vic lost her virginity with her wrists captured by my decadent headboard while I took my time claiming her as mine.

5.Do you believe in love at first sight?
Vic: First sight? Not at all. But I did fall in love with Xavier the first day and night that we met. He not only gave me a job, which I desperately needed, but he assisted me in finding Aunt Maddy’s murderer. Upon discovering she had died because she bought me a pair of shoes, I admit I broke down, but Xavier held me tight and talked me through my pain. By the time I calmed, I loved him with all my heart, only I knew nothing would come of it, certain the moment he discovered I was a woman, he’d fire me.

6.If you could play a board game during sex, what would it be?
Xavier: We play chess, with each loss of a piece requiring the removal of a garment. I always start off well, but when Vic sits across from me nearly naked, I lose my ability to concentrate, so she does win on occasion.

7.Any special “toys” you’d like to give mention to for their outstanding achievements?
Vic: I don’t require one. Xavier is most attentive to my pleasure. And naturally I return the favor, which is good since doctors insist that men masturbating results in weakening the male of their virility, strength and morality. And they had a mechanism to prevent such activity, but I would never call it a toy.

8.Most romantic or sexiest destination out there.
Xavier: We have not had time to travel anywhere for pleasure, and to be honest, we may not for years, but someday if we can ever rid Britain of its crime lords, I would be most willing to take a summer off, enjoying cooler weather elsewhere. Perhaps Switzerland.

And last but not least.

9.Favorite ice cream flavor.
Vic: Oh my favorite is a strawberry sundae with shavings of dark chocolate over vanilla ice cream. It’s all the rage since we now have electric refrigeration houses which has lowered the cost to make and store ice cream. Many of the tea shops have added it to their menus. In fact, I’m hungry. Xavier, we need to stop by Madam Roundtree’s Tea shop for a sundae before we return to work.
Xavier: And you need to teach your body to expect one meal a day. This constant need to eat is impacting our ability to stop crime. And what was that about you assisting me during the investigation of Maddy’s death? I am your master, you are the apprentice! *Heavy sigh* Come along. We will stop at the shop, but you must finish your sundae in 8 minutes. We need to speak to Chief Inspector Stone at Scotland Yard before he leaves for the night.
Vic: You are not my master; you are my employer!
*Vic and Xavier rush off with nary a goodbye*

And a question for Liza O’Connor:
If you become a best-selling author and sell your movie rights, what will be the first thing you do when you hear? Other than contact Cd Brennan and offer to share with her, of course.

I will try not to wake up, given this sounds like delightful dream. However, once I discover they plan to rewrite my entire book and they movie will be very different, I’ll wake up and aspire to be a middling author with a loyal following instead.

Here’s more about the book:

The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, Book 1
The Troublesome Apprentice
A Humorous, Late Victorian, Romantic, Sleuth/Mystery
Releasing August 1st.
For more information, go to:

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Troublesome Apprentice Blog Tour Rafflecopter.
TWO peeps will win $25 Amazon Gift Cards!

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Note from Cd: What about that anti-masturbation device! Can you imagine? It's like the male version of a chastity belt. LOL

Thanks to Miss Liza and her crew for coming on the Nuts today! xo


  1. Thanks for have my characters and me over. Vic was upset that I didn't give her time to put on a tie. But she wears ascots and other fluffy convoluted silks, and they take forever to paint, so none were ready yet. I'm so glad they behaved and Xavier didn't throw ink on anyone. I can rest easy now.

  2. Another wonderful interview. Sounds like these two have quite the relationship!

    1. Exceptional, I reckon! I'm a big fan of Liza's characters, having worked with her before. They are truly unique, never flat, and always spin a good tale.

    2. Thank you Melissa and thank you CD for such kind words. This is my never gonna breakup pair. They are truly soul mates.

  3. Great interview. I can't wait to read more of them in your novel.

    1. I agree! This is on my TBR, too! Thanks for popping over Andrea!

    2. Actually, Vic does a great deal of interviews in the book, all while trying to solve crimes. However, I suspect you meant you wished to read more about the characters. They are looking forward to meeting you and Vic has hidden Xavier's ink bottle, which he tends to throw at doors.

  4. Holy moley, anti masturbation device! That thing is something else!

    1. The Victorians were very strange in their thinking.

    2. Isn't it? I've never heard of it before today. That's what I love about my Nuts. Enlightening - ALWAYS LOL

  5. Wow, lolol. that anti-masturbation device is crazy--it looks like a faucet.
    Loved the interview. Vic seems like a wonderful character.

    1. It DOES look like a faucet. Except they've forgotten the on/off valves.
      Vic is a fabulous character, perhaps the best one I've ever brought to life.

    2. I love that your characters are so different, not the norm romance heroes and heroines. So unique!

  6. I am totally amused at that device. Is it wrong that it makes me laugh thinking of guys having a version of a chastity belt?

    1. Not wrong at all! If we had to wear chastity belts, it makes me feel better that they had to wear this! But how god-awful uncomfortable. How could they even walk?

    2. No, it would be wrong if you didn't.