Sunday, September 7, 2014

S'more Sundae With Nuts - Sarah Hegger

September 7th, 2014

So, what's this one all about? Well I'll tell you! We have to list four truths about ourselves. The fifth "fact", we will make up, and you, the guests, have to guess which one is untrue.

The s'mores have all danced as a Nut, and have now earned the right to jig as a S'more. 

So without further ado....

S'more Sundae With Nuts - Sarah Hegger

Layering the truth like chocolate, marshmallows and grahams

Oh, yay, I’m a s’more! Okay five facts about me, one of which is a blatant, no hold barred, not even going to blush LIE. If you’re the first reader to get it, I’ll give you your choice of either of my released books – The Bride Gift or my newly released, Sweet Bea. You can check them both out on MY WEBSITE and take your pick. Please be sure to leave me a way to get hold of you next to your guess.

Let the layering begin:

1. I love to give my own interpretation to a fancy dress theme. I went to an Arabian Nights party dressed as a Saudi oil sheik and a James Bond party as a Russian border guard in thigh high boots.

2. An ex-boyfriend used to say I ate like a bird, half my body weight every day. I once ate an entire 18-inch pizza without giving a bite to anyone else.

3. I come from the Welsh Edwards line, but the family name is only half the truth, because we are related under the blanket as the bastard line of the Earl of Durham.

4. My husband sucks at special dates, I mean really sucks. He forgot my birthday, or remembered it wrong seven years in a row. Even my brother in law gave up on reminding him.

5. In my acting days, I was doing a travel program called “Wish you Were Here” and was charged by an enraged black rhino when our jeep got between him and his cows.

 * * * *
      Okay, go on then - give it a go! Guess away! And hurry now, because the first one to get it right gets a free copy of one of her books. I haven't read The Bride Gift yet, but I have read Sweet Bea and absolutely loved it! I'm a bit of a historical romance nut. 

      So here goes my analysis! 
      1 I love that you added a picture and I invite any s'mores in the future to do the same. It just adds a bit more fun to the day, I reckon. Now, whether this is the falsehood or not? Boyo, this one would be my guess, but I could be completely wrong. It happens all the time. 
      2 I used to be able to eat that way when I was a young 20-something and riding my bike everywhere and rock climbing and all this shit. Now I'm over 40 and if I look at a pizza it adds to my belly muffin 2 inches. But girl, if you tell me that you can still eat like that now and not gain a kilo...well, I might just have to put a hit out on you. LOL
      3 Nothing wrong in being a bastard. IMHO
      4 I can totally believe this because my asshat husband does the same shit.
      5 Whether this is true or not, I'm just impressed you were an actor! Can I have your autograph? 

Sarah is a gem and one of those authors that gives everything 100% on everything, including a great story for her readers. Do pick up a copy of Sweet Bea because I adored it so much. 


  1. I'd like to thank CD and the members of the Academy - damn, wrong speech. Anyway, thrilled to be here. Take your best guess at the lie.

  2. Morning, Sarah and Cd. As always, an entertaining and informative post. I think I can believe all of these, except #2. Not that you couldn't eat the whole thing by yourself, but because I don't believe you are capable of not sharing.

    1. Aw, Miss Gemma, you have a serious sweet streak in you, girl. And that's totally admirable. :-)

    2. Gemma, because I like you so much. Two things you should never do with me, eat pizza and play a board game. You'll lose a finger

  3. Well, all of them having we waffling (because they all sound like they could all be truth and lies, LOL) but I'm going to have to go with #4. I could buy a few years, but seven?!?!? Eesh! I really hope that isn't the true one, Sarah. If so, get that guy an iPhone reminder! :D

    1. Mae, I was thinking more like a post it nailed to his forehead.

    2. Aye, Mae, that's what makes Miss Sarah a super S'more! She knows how to play the game!